FRONT Page Treasury by Dawanna of PeacesofIndigo (you rock!!)

Front Page Treasury by 3Squares -- Thanks, Jean!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Front Page on Etsy - what does that MEAN??

To me...curating a treasury is like decorating my home. It is a blending of the most super talent, colors, textures, and styles on Etsy...making something beautiful (often late at night) that brings me personal joy. AND THEN: all those wonderful artists get a little exposure, hopefully someone will tune in and find their shop immediately, because I believe in random attraction.

Happy to be the gal behind the scenes...we are all winners...even for a brief moment in time. Any shop who lands on the front page, in any form, is smiling...of that I am certain.

To my JET (Jewelry on Etsy) teammates who were included in this particular journey--


--congratulations to your work!! (I tried and tried to make these links go). I am seriously blog challenged, but at least I try. :-)



  1. Hey! You did a screen capture! How did you do that...lolol Looks good Pam!