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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What is the meaning of TEAM?

I have reflected on this and conclude that it's so cooool to belong to a team =

Tangible, terrific
Emotional, eye-opening
Action, awareness
Moments, memories

Mine is Jewelry on Etsy Team. They make me laugh at myself (and them); we are supportive, helpful, maybe sometimes irritating (tho I can't think of one instance), and flat out cohesive. Visit these great shops!!

We can be stupid and silly, intense, creative, always there to lend a shoulder, our collective thoughts and other words...we share life together. All the ups and downs and moments in between. A passion for creating beautiful jewelry is our common thread, but by no means the basis upon which the team evolves.

Every team member's spirit is woven into our daily forum thread, whether via a quote for the day, sharing cyber food, celebration of life's events, putting Band Aids on small hurts--or sharing in life's disappointments, sorrows and mysteries...we are all there for each other and ya know what? It feels good.

And what does all of this have to do with jewelry making? Everything. We all assign names to our pieces because they are part of the "family." We create these glorious beauties--each member using their own inimitable style--with the hope that our items will eventually find a good home. Emotion is contained within the forging and tumbling of metal, the selection of just the right ingredient, daring to try new techniques and perfecting them. Setting yourself to a higher standard.

There is no greater joy (for me personally) than to learn that someone sold something--it's a "wow" moment for ALL of us. Because we are a team. But it is much more than a is giving away a piece of us to you, the buyer. When you open your mailer or box, you really get much more than what you ordered...the TEAM is inside waving and cheering!! And thanking you for supportive handmade.

Go Team!!