FRONT Page Treasury by Dawanna of PeacesofIndigo (you rock!!)

Front Page Treasury by 3Squares -- Thanks, Jean!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

UNREQUITED JET Team on Etsy Promo Treasury East

Part of what we are doing on our Etsy Team, JET Team on Etsy, is promoting other team members via Treasury East creations. So for the curator that resides within each of us, the task is a fun way of expressing our "design" brain molecule/s ... I have been on this subtle = BOLD kick lately. Everyone who knows me knows of my color enthusiasm.

Please take a moment to enjoy these artists!!


Unrequited by cooljewelrydesign on Etsy

Unrequited by cooljewelrydesign on Etsy

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Passionately SUBTLE by cooljewelrydesign on Etsy

Passionately SUBTLE by cooljewelrydesign on Etsy

Such an amazing group of Etsy artists...muted shades of lilac, celery green, moss, mustard, cream, etc. Check it out!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ArtMadeByTammy - Visit her shop!!

My awesome team on Etsy is the JETs...or Jewelry on Etsy.

Briefly I'd just like to bring a little attention to Tammy ArtMadeByTammy She who inspires us daily with a thoughtful quote...I shake my head and as if repeating a mantra, say "I can do that," or "I'd sure like to be more like that." Easier reading than bringing it full circle, eh?

Here is one of my very favorite pieces--perhaps because she hand painted it herself PLUS it's orange--no escaping THAT!! It's truly a piece of art--check out the link until I can insert the actual photo!


And is a great sampling of Tammy's work!

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