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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So you're thinking about a chemical peel?'s not a bad idea, really. I just had one yesterday and wtih general anesthia you don't have a clue...until you get home....EEEEK!! Who "is" that under the pile of marshmallow icing they call cream?? Could it be MEEE? I think it might be...I recognize the clothing if nothing else. :-)

The beauty is that today, less than 24 hrs from the procedure = no burning sensation at ALL. Yeah, I still look like a complete Freddy Kruger on a cool whip spree, but I'll be wearing makeup by day 7 and have completely brand new skin, minus a few wrinkles and lines.

So if you have ever given this any thought: I say to you...go forward and be brave enough for a little down time and continued use of SPF!! If George and the pets can stand the sight of me "today" with this glop on my swollen face, it can only go upwards from here.

Wishing you a grand day!!

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