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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Real post wedding trauma

Oh MY GOD.... did we even KNOW that Route 65 from Lafayette through Indianapolis and to parts unknown would be total ice covered with snow?? That sheet metal would disengage and come hurtling at us at the speed of off the side of the road right and left.....EEEEEK. Missed hitting someone by 1/8 inch. Sure glad I wasn't at the wheel or it would have been "curtains." And thanks to George who traversed ever so cautiously and saved the day!!! A big round of applause!!

So Tyler and Michelle are hitched and he graduates in May...and he will become a Second Lieutenant upon graduation (biting nails)...great to reconnect with the family--assorted nieces and nephews and their special someone/s...oh and dogs galore... 3 wieners (Chester, Morgan, Libby), pit bull mix (Zoe), border collie (Zeus), and let's not forget the boxer pup whose name is forgotten and I hope he won't bite me in the butt for forgetting.

And our short visit with a super friend Cindy aka Scummer was a hoot and somehow doesn't want to leave my brain--that's what laughing can do. It's a good thing.

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  1. Oh my heavens. So glad nothing bad happened.
    I guess you will always remember the wedding.....